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But Deliver Us From Vornado

Rally to Save the Penn Station Neighborhood: “It’s always darkest before. . . something dramatic. With the clock ticking on the dog and pony show that is the public vetting process, chances grow each day that we’ll end up with some kind of largely loyalist plan for the area around Penn Station favored by NYS Gov. Kathy Hochul and her clown car packed to the gills with corporate cheerleaders–all of whom would see an entire neighborhood ground into dust so a Vornado-created vertical campus can rise where nobody asked it to. Answering this grim prognosis is a rally with the kind of street theater activism that must have Jane Jacobs smiling down upon it. See the below flyer for details, and consider lending your voice to one of the most blatant boondoggles we’re likely to see in our lifetimes. Shame!” — Activites of Interest, Chelsea Community News

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“A clue to whether the project succeeds may lie two blocks to the west, in the Hudson Yards neighborhood. Development there has not met expectations three years after a slate of new construction — including office towers, retail and residences — opened with grand ambitions. Major office tenants there are downsizing amid the stubborn popularity of remote work, and a quarter of the ultraluxury condos remain unsold.

The New York City economy has changed drastically since government officials and developers first touted plans for the Hudson Yards area over a decade ago, and it has been transformed even more during the pandemic. Major corporations that moved to the neighborhood, including WarnerMedia, JPMorgan Chase and IHS Markit, are now trying to unload floors of unused office space.“ — Matthew Haag and Patrick McGeehan, “Penn Station Plan Makes a High-Stakes Bet on the Future of Office Work,” New York Times

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Clayton Guse and Chris Sommerfeldt, Strange Penn fellows, Dem Hochul pushes huge tax break for GOP donor, New York Daily News

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