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CNU NYC is honored to be part of Transportation Alternatives’ coalition of safe-street advocates calling on all mayoral candidates to commit to giving streets back to the people by transforming at least 25% of the space currently dedicated to private cars into public space by 2025.

“We’re ultimately trying to get equity on our streets. We built the city around the automobile to disastrous results,” said Transportation Alternatives Executive Director Danny Harris. “Our challenge for incoming leaders is to think about the incredible success in minor street transformations and scale that across the entire city.”

Read more at Transportation Alternatives and at Streetsblog.

CNU NYC Chair John Massengale AIA CNU was quoted in the Press Release: “Early in the pandemic, we saw better streets, cleaner air, and the possibility of a better city for all. We need to create a future with fewer cars and more streets for people. If not now, when?”

JJ Square GIF

Jane Jacobs Square, New York, New York. © Massengale & Co LLC, watercolor by Gabrielle Stroik Johnson. Before and After: Looking south on Bleecker Street from the intersection of Bleecker and West 10th Streets.