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Streetsblog Op-Ed: If Not Now, When? Changing the Car Culture

The Boulevard of Death — Queens Boulevard Before & After. Queens, New York. © 2014 Massengale & Co LLC and UrbanAdvantage.

“We worked for years to reduce car use. If everybody drives a car, there is no space for people, there is no space to move, there is no space for commercial activities outside the shops.” ~ Milan deputy mayor Marco Granelli

In normal times, we have too many cars moving around New York City. Why? Because we spend billions of dollars on roads and highways that encourage people to drive. Milan, Brussels, and Paris are all using Open Street experiments during the pandemic to permanently change the driving culture in their cities. Here in New York, we can do that too.

Read the rest of the op-ed at Streetsblog.

Jane Jacobs Square, Greenwich Village, New York, New York (Bleecker Street, between West 10th Street and Christopher Street. © 2019 Massengale & Co LLC, rendering by Gabriele Stroik Johnson.