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Battery Park City Walking Tour, Sunday, July 10, 4 PM

Please join CNU NYC and CNU New York for a one-hour walking tour of Battery Park City, a 92-acre new neighborhood in Lower Manhattan built on landfill in the Hudson River in the early 1980s. Battery Park City is notable for many reasons. It is an early model for New Urbanism, which promotes walkable neighborhoods, street-based planning, and form-based codes. Cooper-Eckstut, the planners for the project, brilliantly extended adjacent Financial District streets through the site, giving long views to the Hudson River and the open sky above it. Using those through streets as a framework, they made a pattern of streets that produced normal New York City blocks, the antithesis of the super blocks that were still in vogue with most architects and planners at the time. Then they laid a simple form-based code over the plan, so that the Battery Park City Authority could sell building lots to different developers with some confidence about what would be built.

The tour will be led by Zeke Mermell, AICP, LEED AP, a Senior Urban Designer at Sam Schwartz Engineering and a Board Member of CNU New York, the state chapter of the Congress for New Urbanism.

Please register for the walking tour by emailing The confirmation for your registration will include the meeting place for the tour.